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EULEGO is an Italian engineering company operating in the safety critical applications sector. We perform all the activities related to the electronic aspects of the application: Hardware and Software design, and Verification and Validation in the framework of the applicable international standards.


The company, wholly privately owned, was founded in 2007 by us, a team of engineers rich of multiyear experience acquired in the design and development of applications concerning the functional safety of the product. We matured our skills particularly in developing railway, industrial and avionic applications with demanding functional safety requirements.


The company since its very foundation was part of I3P (Incubatore delle Imprese Innovative del Politecnico di Torino) the Turin Polytechnic Incubator for start-ups. Thanks to the fertile environment, though based on bootstrap financing, we have been able to grew up and develop a family of products conceived to implement the SafetyCore architecture.


To date EULEGO is an engineering company able to design and implement systems with safety-critical requirements according to the lifecycle defined by international standards, and to offer our customers a range of products to increase their competitiveness while keeping their design independence.



Legal and head office
Via C. G. Massaia, 83
10147 - Turin (TO) - Italy
Phone +39 011 23036 27
Fax +39 011 23036 45

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