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Our expertise

Exploiting our long term experience on the design of real applications, we offer to our customers all the competences required to design products and systems for safety-critical applications.


Product lifecycle

  • Requirements capture, allocation and tracking
  • Architecture definition, design and partitioning of complex systems
  • Design and documentation management under configuration control
  • Hazard, safety and RAM analysis



  • Design and implementation of digital and analog circuits, design of magnetic components, power circuits, filters, etc.

  • Support to environmental and EMC testing



  • Design, implementation, debugging and testing of embedded systems
  • Design and implementation of DSP algorithms (digital filters, modulation and demodulation, data management, etc.)
  • Object oriented programming (C++, Visual C++, Java, etc.)
  • Design and implementation of object distributed database client-server applications


Verification and Validation

  • Document and source code analysis
  • Software testing (static, dynamic, functional and performance analysis)
  • Specific tools application (LCLint, SPLint, Cantata)





Legal and head office
Via C. G. Massaia, 83
10147 - Turin (TO) - Italy
Phone +39 011 23036 27
Fax +39 011 23036 45

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