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Having troubles with functional safety?

EULEGO’s business is the development, integration and verification of hardware and software for safety-critical applications.


EULEGO is an engineering company that operates as a partner in the development, integration and testing of electronic “safety critical” applications.



Looking to cut development times and costs ?

EULEGO offers you its SafetyCore platform to cut the development times and costs of your products with functional safety requirements.


SafetyCore architecture was developed exploiting EULEGO’s multi-year experience in solving safety related application issues in many sectors: industrial, railway, avionics, etc.


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All products developed to implement the SafetyCore architecture were designed to satisfy the lifecycle required by safety standards. This allows you to get high reliability products to operate in harsh environments.


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Looking for a qualified and independent support ?

EULEGO offers its multidisciplinary experience to help you in the design, verification and validation of your products with functional safety requirements.






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