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The Safety Core is a general purpose HW/SW platform conceived to realise Safety Critical systems up to SIL4 in the framework of the functional safety according to CENELEC and IEC standards.

The basic idea in to embed in the Safety Core a large number of generic HW and SW safety functions and make them available at the interface.

The Safety Core is based on a 2oo2 (2 out of 2) architecture that will be integrated in an application card in order to adapt the Safety Core generic functions to the specific application (voltage/current levels, power supply, etc).


On the other side, application specific SW will be realised to integrate and adapt the Safety Core generic functions to the application required.


All of the safety functions performed by the Safety Core in the operative conditions specified in the documentation are certified for the higher SIL. Hence Verification and Validation activities are not required for the Safety Core part of the specific application.


The Safety Core lifecycle has been developed to be easily integrated in the final application lifecycle.


The modular approach allows a cost reduction for the development and certification activities and the application of scalar economy principles to the production of the platform which actually is a COTS.


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